First off, I'm slacking terribly, I know! My family is in town, and I've been shooting non-stop. I've finally had some time to relax and wanted to start sharing some shoots from October :).

Without further ado, Melissa is hitting the blog!

All I can say is, wow! Melissa is seriously stunning! Her story of coming to America is beautiful and she's finally following her dream to become a model. I'm so luck to have done her first modeling head shots and I know this girl will go far!

I have been really interested in getting into more studio work, as I get busier and busier I'm figuring out that I don't want to lose most of my business during the cold winter months. And what started as what felt like a necessity, became more of desire. At my great surprise, I am slowly falling in love with studio portraiture. So Melissa was one of my first (recent) test subjects.

Thank you Melissa for a super fun time, I'm so glad you love your images! So many blessing on your journey! 

Oh happy day, I can sleep well knowing these have finally graced the blog!



Makeup- Jill Dennis

Hair and Styling- Rachel