First Roll of Fuji 400H

Ugh, ok so, I've waited all this time to get back my first roll of MF (medium format) but turns out the whole roll is poop! There's one front focus one I kind of want to share because film nerds and artsy folk might still like it but I'm thinking we're going to have to get some ground glass (for better focusing) for my Mamiya.

On another note, I'm pleased with the Fuji 400H! I'm not sure if I prefer that to portra but I HAVE discovered through this that my Canon AE-1 Program is easier to focus than my Minolta XG-M. I've been using the Minolta because I prefer the metering system but the trade off is too disappointing as far as focus goes!

I'll admit, I'm not loving all these poses (completely my fault, not the girl's) , I need to slow down a little bit more!

Here's my first roll of Fuji 400H with my Canon.

Thanks so much to Shelby and Morgan for being my models and thank you guys for reading. I'll be posting a roll of Portra 160 with these girls on it too, once it's fully exposed :p.

Happy Monday!


Oh, and here's the Medium Format shot :p