Personal Archives No. 2

I'm on a roll (get it?) lately! Ever since I've fallen in love with film, I've enjoyed documenting personal stuff so much more. This is great, my children will thank me...someday.

I was really impressed with my 15 year old sister (she's the one with the super cool green hair!) as she took a few pictures of me and nailed the focus. Love her! Seriously, why wasn't I that cool when I was her age?

I absolutely ADORE Cheese Importers in Longmont! Paris is on the top my bucket list, and when I'm at Cheese Importers I feel like I'm already there. Seriously, go, their coffee, food, atmosphere, cheese, chocolate...everything is amazing. No, they're not paying me, I'm just a little obsessed. While we were eating brunch there was an adorable couple celebrating almost 30 years of marriage! They were trying to take a cell pic and I had to offer to grab one for them. They were darling! 

When my family visited this summer I had to take them to The Source in Denver too. Which is where the butcher shop can be found. Sadly not too many photos came out in there, thanks to bad lighting and not enough fast film. The place is totally hipster so it's not weird at all to bring your film cameras. 

All pics taken with Canon AE-1 Program (as you can see in my selfie), on Portra 800, processed and scanned at Indie Film Lab

Thanks for taking a peek at my life <3.